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2 Malaysians, Allegedly Linked To Islamic State, Arrested In Kabul By Taliban: Report

Two Malaysian nationals were arrested by the Taliban after the clash with the Islamic State’s terrorists in Afghanistan. Both the Malaysians, who were allegedly joined ISIS’ Afghanistan wing IS-K (Islamic State Khorasan), were detained on 26 August while fighting on the western side of Kabul. According to reports, a total of 6 Islamic terrorists were detained of which two were Malaysians. Meanwhile, the Malaysian government said that they don’t have any information regarding this news.

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The Times UK reported that Taliban intelligence chief Maulawi Saifullah Mohammed arrested six terrorists near Kabul—two of them said to be Malaysians. “Four are Afghans but apparently two more are Malaysians,” the report claims.

Acryl Sani Inspector-General of Police Abdullah Sani said the police did not have any information on the involvement of Malaysians in IS activities in Afghanistan.

“However, the police submitted an application to foreign security agencies to confirm the report and the allegations.

According to reports, the matter is being investigated by the Malaysian authorities.
Earlier, on Friday, Islamic State took responsibility for Kabul airport attacks that killed over 100 people, including women, children and US troops.

IS-K, which is active in Khorasan province– Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Turkmenistan, emerged in Afghanistan following the decline of Al-Qaeda sponsored by Pakistan. According to the BBC, IS-K has mainly Afghani and Pakistani extremists.