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HomeMalaysia News500Kg Crocodile Found In A Drain Near Sarawak School

500Kg Crocodile Found In A Drain Near Sarawak School

Kuala Lumpur: A wounded crocodile, weighing 500kg was rescued from a drain near SK St Edmund in Limbang, Tuesday night.

The huge reptile, measuring 5m in length and 500kg weight had to be carried in a truck to take it away.

It is believed it was caught in monsoon rain and landed in a drain near the school.

According to initial reports, Limbang Fire and Rescue Station, which received the information, said that the crocodile was shot earlier. However, the huge reptile survived and the department was successfully tied up.

The Sarawak Forestry Corporation yesterday morning transferred the crocodile to another site.

The town where it was discovered is located along the banks of the Limbang River.

The crocodile is of Crocodylus porosus species, commonly known as saltwater crocodile. It can live up to 70 years and can grow to a length of 6m and weigh up to 1,300kg.