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HomeMalaysia NewsA Pahang Woman Loses RM61,500 In 'Love Scam'

A Pahang Woman Loses RM61,500 In ‘Love Scam’

Kuala Lumpur: A 73-year-old Pahang woman has fallen victim to a ‘love scam’ and lost her RM61,500 by a man, whom she had met through social media. 

The victim, who filed the police report against the man, has said that she had given RM61,500 to a scammer as he claimed that he was facing a financial crisis. He asked to borrow RM100,000 from her and promised that he would return her money once the financial situation improved.

According to police, the victim met a man in April and fell in ‘love’ with him after chatting for months.

The victim only realised she had been cheated by a man when the bank called her about the latest withdrawal from her account, that was done on Thursday. 

Bentong police are investigating the matter and the case has been lodged against the suspect under section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.