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HomeMalaysia NewsActivist Heidy Quah Accuses Immigration Of Targeting Her For Raising Immigrant's Voice

Activist Heidy Quah Accuses Immigration Of Targeting Her For Raising Immigrant’s Voice

Heidy Quah, a noted human rights activist, has accused the immigration department of targeting her for raising the voice of poor immigrants.

Heidy Quad is currently facing a trial in a session’s court over a Facebook post done last year in June. The activist had alleged mistreatment of refugees at an immigration detention centre in the post.

The activist has been charged with Section 233(1) (a) of the Communications and Multimedia Act – which deals with objectionable content on digital mediums.

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The prosecution alleges that the post, on June 5, 2020, was done with “intention to insult others.”

Heidy Quah, if found guilty, faces a maximum RM50,000 fine, or a jail term of less than one year.

Heidy Quah’s lawyer has asked for bail of RM 2,000, on the grounds that she is a social worker and has a record of helping public – which the court accepted.

Quah was questioned in the trial over her post last year. The activists phone was also allegedly taken by the authorities during investigaion.