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Warrant For 63-Year-Old In Indonesian Maid’s Killing

A warrant of arrest was issued against a senior citizen by the Federal Court today on the accusation that she killed her Indonesian maid. MA Ambika, 63, failed to turn up for hearing in murder case of Adelina Lisao. The court said that her medical reports fail to prove that she is unable to come to court.

The order was made after Deputy Public prosecutor Mohammed Suki Mukhtar informed judge Vernon Ong that many attempts were made by the officers to deliver the notice to the senior citizen.

Ambika’s daughter R Jayavartiny confirmed to the officers that Ambika was very well aware of the court hearing after the notice was hung up on the door but decided not to show up.

Though Jayavartiny, who represented Ambika in the court today presented her mother’s medical reports and certificates, the reports nowhere confirmed that she was not fit to attend the court due to any health problem.