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AESPA releases debut stage of Black Mamba

Kuala Lumpur: AESPA has released a new teaser for their upcoming song ‘Black Mamba’ on 16 November. The 4 girls of AESPA introduced Ningning in October, after revealing the identity of two members – Winter and Karina, along with a video called, ” My Karina” where AESPA member Karina is introducing her role-playing ae- Karina.

The concept of the music video is that there are artists of AESPA who exist in the real world as well as avatar members who exist in the virtual world.

However, Twitter users are claiming that the song and the plot are similar to Pop/Star by League of Legends.

Some fans are unhappy with AESPA for giving away all the spotlight to Karina except for the whole team. One Twitter user posted that she is going to cancel this as it sounds familiar

Ningning’s first debut is all set to release on 17 November.