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HomeMalaysia NewsAgong Joins Rescue Team To Search For Missing Soldiers In Sg Pahang

Agong Joins Rescue Team To Search For Missing Soldiers In Sg Pahang

The Agong joined the search and rescue operation today to search for a soldier who has been missing for more than three days.

Lance Corporal Mohamad Azrin Mohamad Isa went missing while he was performing the army’s PARA Predator Exercise in Sungai Pahang on Sunday.

Agong arrived at the search location at 3:45 pm. He was dressed in an army uniform. Upon his arrival, he was briefed by the Pahang JBPM director about the search operation.

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Pahang police chief Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf and State Public Works chief Norolazali Sulaiman were also present to look for the missing soldier.

The operation started at 4.40 pm, after Agong boarded a boat prepared by the Pahang Fire and Rescue Department. When the search operation started it was drizzling, but in about 10 mins the weather condition became worse.

The search only lasted for about half an hour and was postponed for later due to the weather.