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“Nonsensical”: Ahmad Zahid Hamidi Dismisses Report Of PM’s Post

UMNO chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has categorically dismissed the media reports that claim that he nominated himself for the Prime Minister’s seat ahead of the trust vote of Muhyiddin Yassin. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that such reports are ‘nonsensical’ and baseless. He said that no discussion has happened to date regarding the post of Prime Minister. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, last week on August 3, had asked all UMNO ministers to quit their positions, citing that PM had lost his majority in the parliament. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin will face a vote of confidence next month as UMNO decided to leave the coalition government.

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Dismissing the report of offering himself as PM’s post, Ahmad Zahid, MP from Bagan Datuk, said that he never discussed anywhere and has no such plan in his mind till the confidence vote of PM Muhyiddin Yassin.

According to media reports, Ahmad Zahid yesterday pushed his name as the seat of Prime Minister in a closed-door meeting with UMNO party members. The report had also claimed that Zahid ensured party members that MPs from Sarawak’s GPS, PAS and Bersatu will support the UMNO to form the new government.

UMNO has already been clarified in two letters that 14 of its MPs are withdrawing support for PM Muhyddin Yassin and the same has been informed to Agong.