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DAP Deliberates Action on Datukship Acceptance: Anthony Loke

DAP Secretary-General Anthony Loke disclosed today that the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) has yet to reach a decision regarding State Exco Datuk Ng Suee Lim’s acceptance of state honours from Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. This move, which conferred the “Datuk” title upon Ng, is considered a breach of party policy. Loke confirmed that the issue will be thoroughly examined during the upcoming CEC meeting, where the appropriate action for Ng’s acceptance of the state award will be determined.

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Deliberation on Party Policy Breach:

Addressing reporters at the convention, Loke acknowledged that Ng had informed the party’s leadership before accepting the title. However, given the violation of the party’s policy, the CEC is expected to deliberate on the appropriate measures to be taken in response to this breach. Loke emphasized that the decision-making process would be thorough and transparent, adhering to the party’s commitment to upholding its policies.

Ng’s Response and Party Protocol:

Ng, who serves as the Selangor exco for local government and tourism, declined to provide detailed comments on the matter, indicating that the issue would be left for the party’s leadership to address. The protocol of informing the party leadership before accepting state honours was followed, but the breach of the party’s established policy necessitates careful consideration and action.

Party’s Historical Stance:

The Democratic Action Party (DAP) had formalized a policy in 2018, urging party leaders to decline titles while actively involved in politics. This move came after four members received state honours carrying the title of “Datuk.” The party’s commitment to maintaining this policy was reiterated last October when it reprimanded two Sabah DAP leaders for accepting state awards, emphasizing the importance of adhering to party principles.

In summary, the DAP’s internal deliberations on Ng Suee Lim’s acceptance of the “Datuk” title underscore the party’s dedication to upholding its policies and principles. The forthcoming CEC meeting is expected to provide clarity on the appropriate course of action in response to this breach.