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HomeMalaysia NewsAnwar Attributes Pardons Board's Decision to Reduce Najib's Sentence to Nation-Building Contributions

Anwar Attributes Pardons Board’s Decision to Reduce Najib’s Sentence to Nation-Building Contributions

In an unexpected turn of events, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sheds light on the Pardons Board’s decision to reduce the sentence of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Anwar emphasizes that this unprecedented move was driven by Najib’s notable contributions to the nation. The decision-making process, as outlined by Anwar, involved a meticulous evaluation of various aspects of Najib’s life.

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Holistic Evaluation Process

During the Prime Minister’s Assembly with officials from the Prime Minister’s Department, Anwar reveals the comprehensive nature of the considerations made by the Pardons Board. The evaluation encompassed critical factors such as Najib’s role, life journey, contributions to his family, prison experiences, services, and overall impact on the community.

Anwar elucidates, “The appeal process to the Pardons Board considers a holistic view of the individual’s life and contributions. Board members thoroughly examine presented information before expressing their perspective, ultimately leading to the decision by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.”

Crucial Aspects Discussed

The discussion extended to crucial details involving the judicial process, the nature of the case, and the severity of the imposed punishment. Anwar underlines his commitment to ensuring that each appeal application undergoes a fair and just evaluation by the Appeals Board.

“Some argue that there must be a three-year gap (after sentencing to apply for a pardon), which is inaccurate. Individuals undergoing the process for the first time are eligible to submit an appeal. In the context of this case, when appeals are officially announced, I, as the Prime Minister, take measures to ensure their proper consideration,” Anwar clarifies, dispelling misconceptions about the appeal process.

Responsibility and Swift Action

Anwar acknowledges the weight of his responsibility as the Prime Minister and stresses his prompt response to any appeal. He ensures that the Pardons Board convenes swiftly to deliberate on the matter, emphasizing a nuanced approach that considers the individual’s overall contributions to the nation.

The government’s commitment to a fair and just evaluation process, as evidenced by Anwar’s statements, reflects dedication to transparency and integrity in handling appeal cases.

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