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Anwar Declares Unwavering Commitment to Constitutional Principles for Prime Ministership

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman, has underscored his unwavering stance that he would not aspire to become Prime Minister if the fundamental principles enshrined in the Federal Constitution, such as the rights of Malays and the status of Islam, were disputed. Anwar’s statement comes as a response to concerns raised by certain irresponsible parties, especially within the opposition, regarding these principles, which he believes are sacrosanct.

Addressing the issue at the MADANI Unity Mega Ceramah program during the Simpang Jeram by-election campaign, Anwar emphasized the non-negotiable status of Malay leadership, the power of Malays, Islam as the Federal religion, the Malay language, the special rights of Malay citizens, and the sovereignty of Malay Rulers. He praised the unity among different political parties, including DAP, MIC, MCA, and even PKR members who are non-Malays, for not disputing these fundamental principles.

Anwar highlighted the disparity between past promises and slogans, which stressed “Islam and the Malays,” and the lack of substantial change during previous opposition governments. He contrasted this with the current Unity Government’s commitment to safeguarding the well-being of all Malaysians, regardless of their race.

While acknowledging that he is willing to endure criticism and insults, Anwar expressed his unshakable determination to transform Malaysia into a regional economic powerhouse. He urged voters in Simpang Jeram to lend solid support to PH candidate Nazri Abdul Rahman, emphasizing that Nazri’s election would strengthen the state government and bolster local development efforts.

Anwar’s unequivocal commitment to upholding constitutional principles underscores the importance of preserving the fundamental values enshrined in Malaysia’s Federal Constitution.