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HomeAnwar's Government Faces Mounting Pressure Over Alleged Shielding of Enforced Disappearances Culprits

Anwar’s Government Faces Mounting Pressure Over Alleged Shielding of Enforced Disappearances Culprits

In April 2019, Malaysia’s human rights commission, Suhakam, undertook a comprehensive investigation into the enforced disappearances of Amri Che Mat, a Shiite social activist, and Raymond Koh, a Christian pastor. This investigation was conducted by a panel composed of a retired judge from the Court of Appeal and two distinguished law professors. Their unanimous conclusion, supported by compelling evidence, pointed directly at the involvement of the Special Branch (SB) within the Malaysian police force, specifically the SB unit located in Bukit Aman, in the abductions of these two individuals.

Enforced disappearances, which involve the secret abduction or detention of individuals by state authorities or groups acting with state support or consent, represent a severe breach of international human rights standards.

One critical question now looms: will Anwar Ibrahim’s government continue to protect those believed to be responsible for these enforced disappearances? This question has sparked significant public outrage and raised concerns about the commitment of the Malaysian government to address human rights violations. Suhakam’s reports were distributed to all members of Parliament, ensuring that the findings reached the highest echelons of government.

Citizens Against Enforced Disappearances, a dedicated advocacy group, is actively campaigning for justice in these cases. The international community, as well as civil society, is closely watching the government’s response to these allegations and its willingness to pursue accountability and justice for the victims and their families.

The resolution of enforced disappearances demands a transparent, accountable, and rule of law-based approach. The handling of this issue will be a significant test for Anwar’s government and its commitment to upholding human rights principles.