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Ban On Liquor Sale Announcement Is Unnecessary And Ridiculous: Patriot

Kuala Lumpur: Patriot president Mohamed Arshad Raji described Ahmad Marzuk Shaary’s announcement on expanding the ban on liquor sales nationwide as “unnecessary and ridiculous.” He stated that his announcements seem like meddling into non-Muslim affairs.

Ahmad Marzuk Shaary, a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s office, earlier announced that the government had not rejected the proposal to expand the ban on liquor sales at sundry and grocery shops, convenience stores and medicine shops nationwide.

In a statement, Arshad said that the people especially including the non-muslims are holding onto the previous announcement made by PAS, i.e. that they are allowed to consume non-halal food as long as their religion permits.

PAS had assured non-Muslim affairs that they would not be forced to comply with regulations on Islam and Islamic affairs, including the hudud issue.

However, he added that Ahmad’s latest announcement would affect the public’s outlook for him and his party.

Ahmad’s announcement was followed by DBKL ruling, which was disallowing liquor sales from next October. While Annuar Musa stated that the decision was made after a survey was conducted.

Meanwhile, Arshad asked Ahmad and Annuar Musa to focus on more problematic issues like corruption. He questioned them, stating that which is eviler, drinking liquor or corruption.