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Bangladeshi Man Kills Malaysian Colleague, Caught While Trying To Bury Him At Workplace

A Bangladeshi national has been arrested for killing his Malaysian colleague at the construction site of a bungalow house in Seremban. Police said that he was arrested before trying to bury the victim at the residence’s ground where both were staying in a shared house at the construction site. Police said that the suspect has admitted his crime and further investigation has been launched into the matter.

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According to police, the incident took place on 13 July but it was revealed yesterday after one of the employers found something fuss as both had not been seen for quite a long time. The police said it happened after a small skirmish between both of them over a misunderstanding.

The police said the misunderstanding was believed to be the cause of the fight between the suspect and the victim who had been living together for the past month. The suspect is said to have hit the victim with a stick before burying his body in the area where they lived.