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Case of Malaysian Student’s Murder in Taiwan Results in NT$1.8 Million Compensation: Report

In a deeply tragic and heart-wrenching case that resonated across both Malaysia and Taiwan, a young Malaysian university student, known by her surname Chai, fell victim to a heinous crime in 2022. The Shilin district prosecutors’ office recently announced that Chai’s family is set to receive compensation amounting to NT$1.8 million, approximately RM262,411, in light of the shocking events that transpired.
Chai, a 24-year-old, encountered her assailant, Taiwanese man Chen Po-yen, through the social media platform Instagram. Their relationship took a dark and ominous turn just one week after they had started dating in the previous year. The grim discovery of Chai’s lifeless body was made within her rented apartment in October 2022. An autopsy later revealed the horrifying truth – she had been not only suffocated but had also suffered a broken neck.

As the investigation unfolded, prosecutors were able to establish that Chen had committed this gruesome act by strangling Chai with his own hands. The shocking revelation of her untimely demise emerged when Chen confessed to the heinous crime while being rushed to the hospital. Initially, the police regarded his actions as a potential suicide attempt, but the grim reality of Chai’s murder soon became painfully evident.

This devastating incident serves as a grim reminder of the dangers associated with online interactions and highlights the importance of vigilance when forming connections through digital platforms. It has left both Malaysia and Taiwan in mourning over the loss of a promising young student, whose life was tragically cut short.

While the compensation granted to Chai’s family may provide some financial relief, it can never fill the void left by their beloved daughter’s absence. As authorities continue to navigate the legal proceedings surrounding this case, the memory of Chai will undoubtedly endure, serving as a somber testament to the need for increased awareness and safety precautions in the realm of online relationships.