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Charmaine Sheh Takes a Culinary Adventure in Malaysia While Filming New Drama, Showcasing Her Cooking Skills and Love for Local Cuisine: Report

Former TVB star Charmaine Sheh is currently in Malaysia, engrossed in filming a new drama. The 48-year-old actress, known for her roles in various TV shows, surprised fans with a candid video shared by a fan page on August 23rd. In the video, Sheh showcased her culinary skills by passionately frying kuey teow at a roadside stall in Kuala Lumpur.

Dressed in a casual white tee and charming polka dot maxi skirt, Sheh showed a different side of herself as she expertly maneuvered the spatula under the guidance of the stall owner. She stirred the kuey teow with her right hand while gracefully pouring soy sauce with her left hand. Despite a playful reminder to stir from both sides, Sheh remained focused, determined not to burn the dish. With confidence, she responded to the stall owner’s caution by saying, “It won’t happen!”

As the video progressed, Sheh’s culinary prowess shone through as she stir-fried the kuey teow. However, she eventually passed the spatula back to the seasoned vendor, admitting with a smile that it was tiring work. The video gained traction on Facebook, amassing over 86,000 views, 3,800 likes, and numerous comments praising Sheh’s age-defying appearance and culinary adventure.

Charmaine Sheh, known for her love of Malaysian cuisine, shared her gastronomic experiences during her stay on her Xiaohongshu account. She posted a picture of herself enjoying Penang prawn noodles and a heartwarming video of her indulging in a durian cake gifted by a fan at the airport.

Sheh is currently filming “Modern Dynasty 2,” integrating herself into Malaysian culture. The drama, set to conclude filming in mid-September, features Kuala Lumpur’s streets as the backdrop for captivating scenes.