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HomeMalaysia NewsClash Erupts After Temple Demolished In Cheras, 4 Held

Clash Erupts After Temple Demolished In Cheras, 4 Held

At least four people were arrested after a commotion outside a Chinese temple in Cheras today. This comes after a fight broke out between protesters and police personnel. The protestors claimed that the government tried to demolish the temple, which resulted in a riot. But Cheras district police have denied the temple demolition claims.

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According to Bukit Bintang, MP Fong Kui Lun, this is a result of a misunderstanding between the two sides over the construction of a path for schoolchildren and police authorities. 

It is believed the temple was engulfed in chaos for hours before Fong arrived and resolved the matter. Some devotees claimed that a group of police authorities arrived at the temple at 1 pm intending to demolish it. 

In a viral video, 10 individuals armed with sticks and rods attacked bulldozers and police personnel in a bid to stop the construction. A total of four people, aged between 19 and 50  were detained in the incident to help in further investigation. 

Several videos of the incident are surfing the internet. In a statement, Cheras district police chief Muhammad Idzam Jaafar said police never attempted to demolish the temple. He even urged the public to stop speculating.