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Come Back To Malaysia: Police To Nur Sajat

Bukit Aman CID has advised cosmetic entrepreneur Nur Sajat to return to Malaysia willingly and face charges pressed against her in court. Nur Sajat, earlier this month, on September 8, was arrested in Bangkok by a team of Thai immigration for having an invalid passport.

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The cosmetic entrepreneur is wanted in Malaysia for various offences including criminal intimidation and preventing civil servants from performing their duties. It is believed she fled and went into hiding after an arrest warrant was issued against her on 23 February. 

The official has urged Nur Sajat to come back in a good way and let the court proceedings continue without creating any kind of disturbance. In a press conference, he said that the Foreign Ministry, Attorney General’s Chambers, and police are working in collaboration on extraditing Nur.

Nur Sajat, whose birth name is Muhammad Sajjad, was arrested with a man in a luxury condominium in Bangkok. Thailand police were trying to track her down for over a few months over a fraud identity card information case.

Previously in April Abdul Hamid Bador had urged her to come out of hiding. He said her apparent decision to flee the country was odd considering she was not facing any heavy charges.