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No Compulsory Covid-19 Boosters, Fahmi Fadzil Clarifies Amid Social Media Buzz

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil has refuted claims circulating on social media suggesting the Malaysian government’s intention to enforce mandatory Covid-19 boosters shots. Addressing concerns amid a rise in Covid-19 cases, Fahmi clarified that there is no official directive requiring Malaysians to take booster jabs. This declaration aims to dispel misinformation and assure the public about the government’s current stance on additional vaccine doses.

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Clearing the Air:

Contrary to the viral social media posts, Fahmi asserted that the Health Ministry is presently focused on encouraging specific groups, especially those deemed vulnerable or at high risk, to consider receiving a third shot of the Covid-19 boosters. He urged the public to exercise caution and verify information before sharing, emphasizing the potential disparity between headlines and actual content.

Proactive Measures:

In light of the prevailing confusion, Fahmi expressed his intention to meet with Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad. The purpose of this meeting is to propose a collaborative discussion involving editors-in-chief of media outlets. Such a forum would serve to address and clarify issues surrounding the booster dose, ensuring accurate and responsible information dissemination.

Unfounded Claims:

Dismissing unrelated allegations, Fahmi countered assertions that Chinese nationals participating in the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program automatically qualify for Malaysian permanent residency (PR). Terming such claims as baseless and slanderous, he reasserted the rigorous screening process in place for anyone seeking Malaysian citizenship. Fahmi emphasized the government’s commitment to maintaining control over citizenship grants, highlighting the importance of accuracy in public discourse.

Regrettable Statements:

Expressing regret over statements made by Masjid Tanah Member of Parliament and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman, Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsuddin, Fahmi underscored the need for responsible communication. He noted that individuals in positions of authority, such as the PAC chairman, possess the means to seek clarifications through appropriate channels, such as Parliament, rather than making unsupported claims based on hearsay.

In summary, Fahmi Fadzil’s comprehensive clarification aims to quell misinformation, foster responsible sharing of information, and ensure a clear understanding of the government’s position on Covid-19 booster shots among the Malaysian public.