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HomeMalaysia News21-Year-Old Man Dies In Police Custody In Kluang

21-Year-Old Man Dies In Police Custody In Kluang

A 21-year-old drug accused, Surendren Shanker, died in police custody in Simpang Renggam on Thursday. The doctor in Kluang hospital declared him dead, claiming that he died due to “septic shock with multiple organ failure”. The horrifying incident comes days after huge outrage against the police department following the death of cow milk trader A Ganapathy’s death.

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Surendren Shanker, who was arrested last year in June in a drug-related case died in police custody on Thursday at a Kluang hospital. The victim’s family members have blamed the police that he died due to the ‘foul play’ in custody

Surendren was being held at the Simpang Renggam prison. 
According to FMT, police told Surendren’s mother that he was admitted to the hospital soon after complaining of severe stomach pain.

Yesterday, at around 12.30 AM, doctor declared him dead.

Surendren’s family members have claimed that his condition had already worsened when he was referred to the hospital.

This is the third custodial death in the last five weeks.

Earlier, on 18 April, a cow milk trader A Ganapathy died in police custody and just a month after S Sivabalan, a security guard, had died on May 20.