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GoPayz Scam: Cyber Crime Police Warns After Man Loses RM 88,000

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia Royal Police Cyber Crime Alert has asked people to be cautious against the fake calls regarding bank details and urged users to not share their TAC or OTP numbers.

Sharing the recent GoPayz scam of a 63-year-old man on Facebook, authorities have urged people to be careful while receiving fraud calls.  

Recently, a coffee factory operator lost his RM88,379.94 through 33 transactions without realising it as a result of being deceived by one phone call.

Authorities said that the 63-year-old man received a call from an individual using the name ‘Nurhidayah’ asking for an OTP or TAC number allegedly wrongly entering the victim’s phone number.

In another incident, a facebook user Nur Khairunnisa Shaharum shared her experience, saying that she almost got a scam with the same number.

She said that scammer repeatedly asked her to share the TAC via WhatsApp but she refused and blocked the number immediately.