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HomeDAP Stands Firm on "Malaysian Malaysia" Slogan Amidst Calls for Change: Report

DAP Stands Firm on “Malaysian Malaysia” Slogan Amidst Calls for Change: Report

In the face of recent calls by Umno and MCA leaders to renounce its “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) remains steadfast in its principles. The party’s secretary-general, Anthony Loke, emphasized that an understanding had been reached within the coalition government not to interfere with the principles or constitution of other parties.

Loke highlighted that even Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had agreed to this arrangement. He also clarified DAP’s position, affirming its commitment to principles such as recognizing Islam as the official religion, Malay as the national language, and upholding Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

The controversy emerged when Umno Supreme Council member Nur Jazlan Mohamed defended his party by suggesting that DAP’s advocacy of a “secular state” and the concept of “Malaysian Malaysia” had left many Malays feeling uncomfortable. Nur Jazlan’s observations, gleaned from conversations with Malay voters, raised concerns about DAP’s image and its perceived ties to a particular ethnic group.

MCA president Ti Lian Ker added his perspective, urging DAP to reconsider its stance on issues like the Bumiputera and quota systems. He suggested that DAP should admit to any mistakes made regarding its vision of a “Malaysian Malaysia” and its proposed changes to policies like language preferences.

However, DAP has been cautioned not to portray itself as a victim and to address the core issue of the Malay community’s reservations toward the party. The call is for transparency and accountability, urging DAP to address the concerns raised by the Malays without using the “unity government” concept or the “3Rs” as a shield.

In summary, DAP remains resolute in its commitment to its principles, despite external pressure to alter its “Malaysian Malaysia” slogan. The party’s leadership has emphasized the importance of respecting the coalition’s agreements and maintaining its core values. The challenge now lies in addressing the concerns raised by other parties while staying true to its vision of a united Malaysia.