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DBKL Issues New Liquor Sales Rules, Read New Guidelines

Kuala Lumpur: City Hall (DBKL) has issued new guidelines regarding the sell of liquor in the country. Chinese medicine shops, Sundry and grocery shops in capital Kuala Lumpur will not be allowed to sell liquor from next October of 2021.

According to new guidelines, liquor shops will be banned near the police stations and all the worship places in Kuala Lumpur.

Authorities also directed that no liquor will be sold nearby the educational institutes and hospitals.

While the liquor can be served from 10am until midnight in all the pubs, bars, lounges and restaurants. However, entertainment zones can sell liquor until 2am.

The new guidelines also directed that beers must be placed separately from other beverages and it can be sold from 7am to 9pm only.

However, mixed and pure liquor products will be exempted from the new ruling for the medical purpose only.


  1. Beer Sales at Chinese Grocery / Convenience Stores / Drugs (Effective 1 October 2021)
    i. 7.00 am to 9.00 pm only.
    ii. Provides special sales / exhibition space for beer separate from another drink.
    iii. Lock sales / exhibition space after operating hours beer sales
    iv. Buyer age limit of 18 years and above.
  2. The manufacture, sale, recruitment of Samsu is prohibited in the Province
    Federation of Kuala Lumpur (Effective 15 December 2020)