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Director Sammi Cohen Shares Insight into Adam Sandler’s Thoughtful Casting of Daughters in Latest Film Amid Nepotism Debate : Report

In the film “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” (YASNITMBM), Adam Sandler stars alongside his real-life daughters, Sadie and Sunny. The director, Sammi Cohen, addressed criticisms of nepotism, explaining that Sandler’s choice to cast his daughters reflects his approach of making movies with his close circle, which now includes his own kids. Cohen highlighted that Sandler’s reputation for working with friends remains consistent, but now includes his children. Despite online chatter about nepotism, Cohen sees it as a natural extension of Sandler’s filmmaking style.

The film’s success, both commercially and critically, has shown that audiences don’t seem to be concerned about nepotism. Louis Chilton, writing in The Independent, noted that the inclusion of real family members on screen adds authenticity and depth to the project. Cohen also praised Sandler’s ability to balance various roles—producing, acting, and being a dad—while working alongside his daughters. He described Sandler as a supportive coach who knows when to guide and when to step back. The film’s premise revolves around two best friends whose bat mitzvah plans are complicated by their competition for the attention of a popular boy.