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‘Disgusted’ By Misrepresentation Of My Statement: Dr M

Kuala Lumpur: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he was disgusted by the misinterpretation over his statement to boycott French products.

Dr M has been under fire for his controversial tweets, which stated that Muslims have the right to be angry and kill french people for past incidents. His tweet was in reply to a knife attack at the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice, France where three people were killed and others injured.

He stated that critics only pointed out one part, where it seemed he was promoting the massacre of the French.

His statement comes a day after Twitter remved this controversial tweet on France Nice terror attack.

Dr M said he was being accused of promoting violence because of the spin and out-of-context presentation by critics. Adding that if they had read the full statement, they would have come across the part where he said that Muslims have not applied eye-to-eye rule, and neither should French, instead, they must teach citizens to respect each other.

He further said that due to this misinterpretation his post was removed from Facebook and Twitter, where he did not even get a chance to explain himself.