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HomeMalaysia News“Don’t Give Credit To Anwar For Economic Reforms In 90s”

“Don’t Give Credit To Anwar For Economic Reforms In 90s”

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim was not behind the boom of the economy in Malaysia in 90s, said Human Resources Minister M. Saravanan. He said that Port Dickson MP, who was then the finance minister, had not done enough to flourish Malaysia’s economy. According to him, credit should be given to Dr Mahathir Mohammad, then the prime minister, for playing a significant role to ensure stability in the country.

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M. Saravanan, who is a lawmaker from Tapah, said that country’s economy boomed because of Dr M’s tireless efforts.

He said that Dr M ensured political stability in the country, which attracted foreign investors in Malaysia that helped in creating job opportunities in the country.

He further expressed hope that the historic memorandum of understanding signed between the opposition bloc and the government will ensure the same political stability in the country.

This comes after Anwar questioned the mismatch between graduate and industry demands, causing unemployment. Replying to his question, Saravanan said that he believes the MoU signed on Monday will have a positive impact.