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Don’t Act Just Because I Am Minister: KJ To JKR After Falling In Pothole

Kuala Lumpur: Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, who suffered injuries as a result of an accident after his bicycle hit a pothole, asked the Public Works Department (JKR) not to pay attention towards it because he is a minister. Meanwhile, the department has announced that the public can lodge a complaint about potholes through any one of its 11 channels.

“I uploaded the incident to Twitter as a reminder to road users to keep an eye out, but it also caught the attention of the JKR.

“I am thankful that JKR has taken prompt action but it should not just happen because I am a minister,” he said

Khairy added that he was aware of worse incidences, including where lives had been lost, due to potholes in the roads and he said the causes of the issue should be investigated.

It is believed that just after the incident JKR apologised to Khairy and filled the pothole next day. Khairy said with a special complaints portal, details such as pictures, videos and the location of damaged roads can be shared quickly, however it is important if there is a pothole, there should be no delay in fixing it.