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Don’t Practice Racial Discrimination: 2 Activists Defaced Chinese Words Written On Street Signs In Penang

Kuala Lumpur: Two Malay rights activists defaced the Chinese translations on street signs with black spray paint in Penang last night.

Activists Mohd Firdaus Mohd Adnan, also known as “Tok Singa”, and Azmi Jaafar in a live video on Facebook, sprayed black paint over the Chinese characters on the Gat Lebuh Armenian street sign. They stated, “Malay is their official language according to the constitution, not Mandarin.”

They asked authorities to show some respect, and use the Malay language on signboards. After blacking out the words, one of the activists said, “We live in Malaysia and do not practice racial discrimination.”

He accused the Penang government for not taking care of the interests and sensitivities of Malays and Muslims, as it earlier allowed dogs in the park.

The Penang Island City Council has since taken action by filing a report against the act of vandalism. Later, he was summoned by the police, where he defended his actions by saying that authorities should translate the street signs into Chinese and Tamil, or just leave it in Malay.