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HomeMalaysia NewsDr. Mahathir Labels Parties Led by Non-Malays as 'Migrant Parties'

Dr. Mahathir Labels Parties Led by Non-Malays as ‘Migrant Parties’

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has characterized political parties led by non-Malays as ‘parti pendatang’ (migrant parties). He attributes racial issues in the country to the reluctance of non-Malays to assimilate with Malay culture and their establishment of separate political parties.

Dr. Mahathir pointed out that unlike Malaysia, countries like Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia have political parties created for migrants, but in Malaysia, migrants receive citizenship yet distance themselves from Malay culture and even establish their own political entities.

He expressed his disapproval of Pakatan Harapan’s leadership, particularly its inclination to suggest that Malaysia belongs not only to Malays but also to others, which he perceives as a willingness to give the country away to outsiders. Dr. Mahathir vowed to continue discussing issues related to Race, Religion, and Royalty (3R), asserting his right to address such matters.

These remarks were made during a ceramah at the Bakri PAS Markaz on September 3.