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E-hailing Vehicle Collides with Cyclists in Viral Video Incident on Jalan Dengkil/Kota Warisan, Police Investigating: Report

In a recent statement, the police in Putrajaya provided clarification regarding a viral video depicting an accident involving two cyclists. The incident occurred on August 27 at the intersection of Jalan Dengkil/Kota Warisan. According to Supt Md Noor Aehwan Mohammad, the deputy police chief of the Sepang district, the vehicle involved in the accident was an e-hailing vehicle.

Both the e-hailing driver and one of the cyclists involved in the accident have already lodged police reports and had their statements recorded. However, the second cyclist involved in the incident has not yet filed a report.

The police report that the e-hailing driver was en route to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at the time of the accident. The driver was allegedly checking a message received on the e-hailing app on their mobile phone when the collision occurred, approximately at 7:15 am. The impact resulted in damage to the front bumper and bonnet of the vehicle, while the bicycle sustained damage to its back tire and rim.

The police have classified this case under Rule 10 of the Road Traffic Rules, attributing it to the driver’s failure to control the vehicle, leading to the accident.