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Education Ministry’s ‘Imam Nawawi’s 40 Hadith’ Curriculum Aims To Counter Extremism

The Education Ministry (MoE) has highlighted the significance of the “Imam Al-Nawawi’s 40 Hadith” curriculum in curbing radicalism and extremism within the community. The ministry asserts that this initiative will promote positive impacts and offer a genuine understanding of Islam’s universal values, particularly in Malaysia’s diverse and pluralistic society. In a collaborative effort with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the MoE aims to foster a Madani Malaysia that embraces diversity while uniting for a common purpose.

Promoting Dialogue and Engagement

MoE Minister Fadhlina Sidek recently engaged with 16 NGOs representing diverse communities to discuss the curriculum’s implementation and its role within national education. The constructive meeting underscored the commitment of all stakeholders to contribute to the development of a harmonious and inclusive Malaysia. The MoE emphasizes the importance of continuous dialogue to ensure accurate communication of its initiatives.

Curriculum Implementation and Expansion

The curriculum’s initial phase will involve Muslim teachers and students from National Religious Secondary Schools (SMKA) and Government-Aided Religious Schools (SABK). This pilot project will then be expanded to encompass schools and classes dedicated to Islamic Education subjects. The collaboration with diverse NGOs, including Taoist, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Chinese, and Sikh organizations, reflects the comprehensive approach of the curriculum.

Fostering Appreciation and Values

The curriculum, launched on August 19, enables teachers and students to gain a deeper appreciation for the compilation of 40 hadith by Imam Al-Nawawi, with a special emphasis on the values inherent within these teachings. Aimed at cultivating the teachings of Prophet Muhammad’s hadith at the school level, the curriculum seeks to promote an environment of understanding, respect, and harmony.

Inclusivity and Clarification

Federal Deputy Education Minister Lim Hui Ying clarified that the curriculum will exclusively involve Muslim students and will not affect non-Muslim students. She acknowledged the concerns of the non-Muslim community, affirming that the curriculum’s introduction to national and ministry-affiliated schools will be tailored solely for Muslim students. This approach ensures that the curriculum’s objectives are in line with educational and community values.