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HomeMalaysia NewsElection Fears Drive Former PAS Figures To Amanah, Alleges President Hadi

Election Fears Drive Former PAS Figures To Amanah, Alleges President Hadi

In a surprising twist, former leaders and members of the Pas party are flocking to join Amanah, a move attributed to their concerns about potential election losses. Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang, the President of Pas, has criticized these individuals, labeling them as lacking in resolve for abandoning Pas’ core principles. Hadi alleged that the fear of electoral defeat is prompting their shift to Amanah, as he highlighted their willingness to compromise on Pas’ foundational struggles. The stage was set for these revelations during Hadi’s appearance at the Simpang Jeram state assembly by-election campaign, where his sentiments resonated among his supporters.

He remarked, “Within the ranks of Pas, there exist those who are feeble in spirit and, paradoxically, are reluctant to sever ties with DAP due to their trepidation about electoral victory.” According to Hadi, those plagued by the fear of electoral defeat are the ones opting to align themselves with Amanah. He contended that their primary motivation for making this move is to bolster their chances of triumphing in the elections. “Their readiness to compromise on the very bedrock of Pas’ struggles is evident through their association with the Amanah party,” he asserted during a recent ceramah held in Simpang Pulai.

Abdul Hadi’s spotlight-stealing appearance unfolded on the inaugural day of the Simpang Jeram state assembly by-election campaign. Amidst a chorus of approximately 1,000 supporters chanting “Allahuakbar,” he entered the scene, instantly capturing attention and underlining the gravity of his claims.

Noteworthy attendees during this event included Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin, the Vice President of Bersatu, along with Datuk Ahmad Amzad Hashim, a member of parliament from Kuala Terengganu. Abdullah Husin, the Pas commissioner for Johor, and Dr Mohd Mazri Yahya, the PN candidate for Simpang Jeram, were also present, reinforcing the significance of Hadi’s statements in the political landscape.