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Empowering Women in Sports: National Sports Council’s Women’s Sports Carnival Kicks Off: Report

In a recent development, Safrushahar Yusoff, the organizing chairman of the National Sports Council Women’s Sports Carnival, used the term ‘havoc’ not to describe Joe Flizzow’s performance but to highlight the excitement and energy surrounding the three-day event that commenced earlier today. The primary objective behind this carnival is to generate enthusiasm and encourage more women to become an integral part of Malaysia’s sporting landscape.

The Women’s Sports Carnival has a historical significance, initially introduced during the tenure of Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said as the Youth and Sports minister. She was a staunch advocate for women in sports and was recognized by the International Olympic Committee in 2008, receiving the World Women and Sport Trophy for her significant contribution to increasing female participation in sports in Malaysia during her time in office.

Over a decade later, the spotlight is once again on women actively participating in sports. Safrushahar is determined to ensure that this carnival doesn’t remain a one-time event, merely to fulfill checkboxes.

We launched this carnival with four sports disciplines – football, hockey, netball, and rugby. It spans two and a half days, but it’s not just about the athletes and their performances,” stated Safrushahar, who was appointed to oversee the Talent and Women’s Development department in the NSC in March.

“This carnival should be viewed in a broader context. The goal is to create more competitive opportunities, not only for female athletes but also to involve more women as coaches, technical officials, and administrators.”

This year’s carnival has attracted the participation of approximately 700 women from across the nation, competing at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) and Universiti Putra Malaysia. The event promises to be a significant step towards promoting gender equality and empowerment in the world of sports in Malaysia, ensuring that it transcends into a lasting legacy for women in sports.