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SHOCKING! Ex-Miss Universe Malaysia Sabrina Beneett Reveals Story Of Harassment

Kuala Lumpur: Well! being a celebrity isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes they have to deal with scary situations. In a similar incident, former Miss Universe Malaysia, Sabrina Beneett, after years of being quiet, finally shared her horrific story of being harassed and stalked.

Prominent figures are frequently subjected to unwanted and intrusive attention and because of their high profile and because their role requires them to court public affection and attention, are at particular risk of stalking. However, Sabrina’s stalker was disguised as a well-wisher.

He was one of Sabrina friend’s boyfriend, which is why when he sent her a friend request on Facebook, she accepted it, unaware of the upcoming trauma. However, after being rejected for a coffee date, he started leaving creepy messages on her Facebook account, which forced her to block him for good.

But, it wasn’t the end of it, he created several fake accounts and stalked her everywhere she went. One time, Sabrina was out with her friends, where he showed up and begged them to befriend him. However. after getting awkward treatment from the customers in the restaurant, he left.

The police complaint after the incident, but police declined to take any action against him as he had not physically assaulted her.

She claimed he even got a tattoo of her name, claiming that his love for her would never die. He sent her horrific messages claiming her womb belongs to him and deciding names of their future babies.

Sabrina filed three Police complaint against him, however, was subjected with no action. Finally, after 8 years, she decided to raise her voice and seek justice. And she even added that she fears her safety once the matter settles down on social media.