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Expect Us: Anonymous Malaysia Warns Government

Kuala Lumpur: A Facebook page called Anonymous Malaysia has gone viral after it recently posted a video on social media addressing the Malaysian government.

The two minutes and 29-second long video, was a wake-up call for the government of Malaysia. The video has been shared more than 800 times.

In the video, the person can be seen wearing a mask while facing the camera and addressing the government in an automated voice. They pointed out the past mistakes of the Malaysian government and stated that they are unwilling to learn from it.

The person, whose voice was automated said that the Malaysian government’s security system is low, and hackers can easily leak all private data and sell the information.

He stated that earlier telco data was leaked, followed by rampaging scams and then the Malaysian Armed Forces website was hacked.

The person then further added that the government is unwilling to recognise and learn from past mistakes. They do not want to increase their horizons and grow their abilities.

The video ended with the note, “We are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us!”.

The Star has warned not to take this lightly and that the government should immediately do something over the matter.