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Former Prime Minister Emphasizes Importance of Upholding Social Contract for Malaysia’s National Independence and Progress: Report

Former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin has emphasized the significance of upholding the foundation of Malaysia’s national independence, which was built upon agreements surrounding racial rights. He highlighted the importance of adhering to the social contract, which has enabled people of different races and religions to coexist harmoniously. Some key elements of this contract include the special position of Malay Rulers, the special rights of Malays, Islam as the Federal Religion, Malay as the national language, and citizenship rights for non-Malays as outlined in the Federal Constitution.

Muhyiddin emphasized that the peace and harmony achieved through these agreements have paved the way for developmental efforts that have elevated the standard of living for Malaysians. He pointed out that the country’s 66 years of independence have showcased Malaysia’s successful navigation through various phases of growth and advancement. Muhyiddin highlighted the continuity of these foundational terms regardless of the ruling government, as they remain safeguarded and implemented through transparent government policies and programs. As the nation celebrates National Day, he called for honoring the contributions of past leaders who fought for Malaysia’s independence and the progress it has achieved.