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Four Arrested for Obstructing Public Servants During Integrated Operation

In a recent development, the police have apprehended four individuals on suspicion of obstructing public servants in the line of duty. The incident occurred during an integrated operation at the Silver Valley Technology Park project site in Kanthan Baru, Chemor, on Tuesday, October 24. The four arrested individuals range in age from 30 to 68. The arrests were prompted by the dissemination of viral videos on social media that depicted incidents during the enforcement of Section 425 of the National Land Code 1965 at the project site, garnering public attention.

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The integrated operation was led by the State Land and Mines Office (PTG) and involved various state government agencies and statutory bodies. The Ipoh district police were responsible for maintaining security during the operation. The incident transpired at 2:30 pm, as a group of farmers and members of a political party reportedly obstructed PTG officers from enforcing Section 425 of the National Land Code 1965, leading to the subsequent arrests.

The four arrested individuals are currently under investigation, facing charges under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing public servants from performing their duties. After the completion of the investigation process, all suspects were released on police bail. The case continues to unfold as authorities scrutinize the circumstances surrounding the obstruction of public servants in the course of their official responsibilities.