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Foreign Glove Importers To Break Ties With Malaysian Manufacturer

Kuala Lumpur: Global glove importers are reconsidering their relationship with Malaysian glove manufacturers after the government raid, revealing barbarous conditions at foreign workers accommodation.

According to Free Malaysia Today (FMT), American Personal care giant Kimberly-Clark, who owns companies like Scott, Kleenex and Huggies said that they are rethinking their deal with the manufacturer.

Australian safety and personal protection firm, Ansell also said they will have a meeting with the managing director of the company as soon as they can to discuss the intolerant situation.

Earlier, in the raid, it was discovered that hundreds of workers are living in metal shipping containers in squalid condition.

The raid officials found workers living in cramped, dirty shipping containers stacked behind the two warehouses.

Ansell said that they were not aware of the workers awful living conditions, while in May 2019 audit the company did not reveal anything about it however they claimed to meet the increasing demand.