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HomeMalaysia NewsGombak Voters Sue Azmin Ali For Deceit And Breach Of Judiciary Duty

Gombak Voters Sue Azmin Ali For Deceit And Breach Of Judiciary Duty

Kuala Lumpur: A group of Gombak voters have filed a legal lawsuit against MP Mohammed Azmin Ali over the alleged breach and deceit of judiciary duty, which caused the Pakatan Harapan government to collapse in February 2020.

The suit filed by 10 voters claimed that Azmin Ali made false representation and deceit them in the 14th general election campaign in order to gain their support.

They accused him of breaching his judiciary power, as the voters bestowed their trust on him and chose him as their elected representative.

The voters have filed their suit at the High Court in Kuala Lumpur through lawyer Yohendra Nadarajan. According to the suit, they are seeking a declaration from Azmin Ali stating that he had breached his representation of Gombak voters and his judiciary obligations and duties.

Further adding, that they want Azmin to declare he breached his constitutional oath, which he took under the Federal Constitution’s Article 59(1) and also to compensate for deceiving the voters.