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Govt To Amend Citizenship Law For Malaysian Children Born Abroad

The government is set to amend the Federal constitution in order to solve the ongoing citizenship issue involving children born to Malaysian mothers in foreign countries. Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin pointed out that currently there is no provision under the constitution to grant citizenship to these children. 

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Speaking in a parliamentary debate, he even sympathised with Malaysian mothers who cannot get citizenship for their children born in foreign countries. 

Hamzah said that steps will be taken to amend the Federal Constitution to allow Malaysian mothers the right to confer automatic citizenship on their children born abroad. 

Hamzah also stated that any proposed amendments will first have to get the consent of the Malay Rulers under Article 159 (5) of the constitution. 

He stated that the home ministry intends to make it easier for Malaysian mothers to give birth abroad even if they are married to foreigners by getting a new government policy to make amendments in the constitution. 

He said that he was tied by the current legislation regarding citizenship. Earlier, High Court judge Akhtar Tahir said that just like fathers, mothers are entitled to confer citizenship by operation of law in all processes.