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HomeMalaysia NewsGovt To Start Undocumented immigrant Recalibration Plan From 16 November

Govt To Start Undocumented immigrant Recalibration Plan From 16 November

Kuala Lumpur: The government planning to sending back illegal immigrants to their respective country by launching the undocumented immigrants recalibration plan, prioritising two significant points- Return Recalibration Programme and the Labour Recalibration Programme.

The move will begin from 16 November.

Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin stated that according to the Return Recalibration Programme the immigrants will be able to return to their respective country with some condition.

However, under the Labour Recalibration Programme, immigrants would be allowed to work as foreign workers in Malaysia, provided stringent conditions are determined by the government through the Immigration Department and the Peninsular Malaysian Labour Department.

“We are still freezing new foreign workers in Malaysia and it is still going on,” he said.

He confirmed that the government is allowing immigrants in the country to choose if they want to work legally or want to return to their country of origin, within a time period i.e from 16 November to 30 June 2021.

While launching the Illegal Immigrant Recalibration Plan, the Home Minister said that the plan would be brought to action with the help of government agencies, without involving third parties or vendors.