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Hannah Yeoh Lashes Out At Rina Harun Over Hiring 8,000 Workers to JKM

Kuala Lumpur: Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh and former deputy minister of woman has lashed out at Rina Harun over hiring the thousand of workers on contract basis to the Social Welfare Department (JKM). Expressing her indignation, she said that Harun must turn the JKM into her political machine.

She claimed that hiring 8000 staff could not address the real problem of the department.

She said if Rina Harun is taking the issue seriously then she must first hire child protection officers, psychology officers and welfare officers.

Recently the ministry had announced that JKM is planning to hire 8,000 workers on contract basis as a restructuring plan.

She also pointed out that the ministry is hiring 8,000 workers from only one agency and also that she has not denied the allegations that they are members of Srikandi Bersatu.