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Haters All Around Us: Model Ashaari Faces Criticism For Celebrating Christmas

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian actor, model and TV host Awal Ashaari has faced criticism on social media from radical people for celebrating Christmas with his family. A flood of the hate comments can be seen in his Instagram post, where he shared photos of his family posing in front of a Christmas tree, wearing pajamas.

Sharing photos with his wife and children on Christmas did not go well with few netizens. Social media users felt that being a Muslim, celebrating Christmas was “Haram” and he wasn’t abiding by the religious laws.

Some accused him of giving a bad impression to everybody by posting such pictures. Others said that at first, he used to like the couple but now after these pictures he wants to unfollow them because he feels they are non-muslims.

However, there were fans who flocked his social media and flooded him with support. Some left greetings, while others said the festivities were all about happiness and togetherness.

Awal Ashaari is not letting internet trolls ruin his holiday after they called him out. Responding to the comments, he said that friends invite friends during festivals and when they fix a dress code, it is nice to respect their request.