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HomeMalaysia NewsHishammuddin Slams Slow Pace Of Work In Vaccination Drive

Hishammuddin Slams Slow Pace Of Work In Vaccination Drive

Foreign minister Hishammuddin Hussein today slammed the bureaucracy over the slow pace with which the vaccination drive is on in the country. The minister said that vaccination is an important factor to safeguard people against the virus. The minister also termed the bureaucracy as a “key barrier” to the implementation of the country’s vaccination efforts. He said that many countries have given emergency use approval to Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Sinopharm, however, the same are not approved in Malaysia.

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Vaccination In Malaysia: The minister said that the government needs to expand the vaccination in order to allay the concerns of the people.

“Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has listed Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Sinopharm for worldwide emergency use. Surely they can’t all be wrong?

“We cannot follow normal procedures under abnormal circumstances,” the minister said.

The authorities have to match the pace of international bodies in issuing emergency approval quickly, the minister suggested.