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Immigration Deports Abduction Accused French Man, Pregnant Wife To Paris

The immigration department today deported an abduction accused French national, his three children and pregnant wife, to Paris. The man is accused of organising the kidnapping of an eight-year-old girl in his country. The girl, as per the reports, was separated from her mother by the authorities, and her custody was given to her grandmother.

Remy Daillet, the man in question, is accused of helping the mother in the kidnapping.

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The Frenchman and his family will first reach Singapore, and from there, they will arrive in France early Monday.

The girl, Mia, was staying with her grandmother as her mother had lost her custody. The mother was not allowed to see her alone or speak with her on the telephone.

Remy Daillet and his family were arrested from Langkawi over citizenship issues. In a video, posted on the internet after the kidnapping, he said his organisation ‘returns children kidnapped by the state to parents, at their request’