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Islamic Politics Fails Due To Westernisation: PAS President

Kuala Lumpur: PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said that politics is facing hatred because people are influenced by demons, who are wearing human masks.

In his Facebook post, he said that Islamic politics was successful in leading the world and complex countries for centuries, however, later due to their internal weaknesses they lost political power, and politics got influenced by Western civilization without the elements of Islamic guidance.

He said that after the fall of “Khilafah Uthmaniyah” i.e Ottoman Caliphate, Muslims lost all Islamic territories one by one, which spread religious ignorance.

The Marang MP even said that Muslims in Malaysia are the slowest to register as voters. The reason behind this is because they are possessed by demons since the colonial era. And while the Malays are slacking, non-Muslims are racing to grab the opportunity to rule the politics.

He further added that those who do not want to credit Islam, consider it just like others and describe politics dirty and corrupted.