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HomeMalaysia NewsIsmail Sabri Wasn't UMNO's First Choice Of PM: Ahmad Maslan

Ismail Sabri Wasn’t UMNO’s First Choice Of PM: Ahmad Maslan

UMNO secretary-general Ahmad Maslan revealed that former prime minister Ismail Sabri was not the party’s first pick for the prime minister’s post. He said that he came behind the party’s two top leaders after president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Deputy President Mohamad Hasan.

Party chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi did not want to go for the prime minister’s post so he backed out from the nomination and Supreme Council both. While Mohamad Hasan was not fulfilling the nomination criteria as he is not a member of the Parliament.

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Ahmad Maslan said Ismail Sabri’s name was suggested as he has the experience and is the most capable candidate considering he was a senior minister and the deputy prime minister.

He further said the government which will be formed now will be a new one. “Before we had Pakatan Harapan, then PN. This is a Malaysian government” he said.

Ismail Sabri Yaakob, with the support of 114 MPs, is a front runner for the Prime Minister’s post. Yang di-Pertuan is expected to announce the name of the new PM after having a meeting with other royal rulers.