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HomeMalaysia News‘Seremban, Selangor’: JAKIM Broadcasting Division Apologises

‘Seremban, Selangor’: JAKIM Broadcasting Division Apologises

The Broadcasting Division of the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim) apologized for the mistake of displaying the name of the place Seremban, Selangor in the Anda Musykil program published by the department live on TV1 yesterday.

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Through a media statement issued by Jakim today, it informed that this mistake was admitted by the Assistant Program Producer who handled phone calls from viewers in the show.

He said the Jakim Broadcasting Division regretted the incident and would ensure that it would not be repeated in every television show published by Jakim.

“Jakim’s Broadcasting Division would also like to express its deepest appreciation and thanks for the community’s concern and support in religious programs published by Jakim either on television or radio,” he said.