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Kit Siang And Siddiq’s Daughters Nominated As Senator

DAP member Lim Hui Ying, who is also the daughter of party stalwart Lim Kit Siang, has been re-nominated as senator for Dewan Negara for the next three years, post her term expiry last week.

The 58-year-old was a University of Malaya economics graduate. She is Penang’s DAP secretary and was election campaign director for the party at the state’s 2013 and 2018 polls.

Yusmadi Yusoff, a former PKR member of parliament for Balik Pulau, was also appointed, however he was dropped. He is a lawyer who served as Balik Pulau MP for one term back in 2008. He also served as the senate reform committee chairman.

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In place of Yusoff, Fadhlina Siddiq Daughter of former Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement president Dr Siddiq Fadzil has been nominated. Dr Siddiq passed away yesterday.

Fadhlina, who is also a lawyer, served as legal and community development bureau chief for PKR’s women’s wing.

The state assembly nominates two individuals as Senators for Dewan Negara for a three-year term. Lim Hui Ying was nominated by Deputy Chief Minister Ramasamy and Fadhima was proposed by Deputy Chief Minister Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman.