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HomeMalaysia NewsKL Man Assaulted Woman Driver For Honking At Him

KL Man Assaulted Woman Driver For Honking At Him

Kuala Lumpur: A 58-year-old man was fined RM2,000 for brutally assaulting a female driver for honking at him in the parking area of a condominium in Desa Petaling.

Cheras district police chief assistant commissioner Mohamed Mokhsein Mohamed Zon said that the 27-year-old victim was punched in the face by the stressed man after some misunderstanding between them.

The woman shared the incident on Facebook and said that while she was driving home, a Mercedes Benz was parked on the way. She honked at the man to remove the car.

After parking her car in the lot, she walked towards the staircase, when the suspect confronted her, asking if she was the one to honk at him. The man started to brutally punch her in the face after she said yes.

The suspect was charged under penal code, who was arrested on the day of the assault.